Manual Awakening Your Soul to Presence of God

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Each part of you has the ability to taste, touch, hear, see and smell. Your body is your physical structure. It connects to the physical world with your five physical senses. Suppose I asked a group of people to smell a rose. Everyone in the group would engage with the same fragrance with their physical sense of smell. Some might have a physical reaction to the rose, such as a sneeze or an allergic response. These are physical reactions from interacting with the rose in the physical realm. Your soul consists of your mind, your will and your emotions.

Your soul thinks, feels, and wants. Your soul senses interact with the interpersonal realm. If I asked those same people to smell the rose with their soul senses, they would have different experiences, depending on the memories each one associated with that scent. Your spirit has been described as that knowing place, your conscience, intuition or sensitivity to God. Your spirit interacts with the spiritual realm.

Awakening Your Soul to the Presence of God

Spiritual scent in the unseen realm, is just as real as the natural realm, the difference being that someone can smell a spiritual aroma while the person next to them might not be able to. I had a spiritual experience at church during worship, when a fragrance from heaven materialized, and then completely disappeared with no trace at all.

Because this happened repeatedly, I knew it was not a fragrance in the natural realm. They pressed in, to smell the coconut, pineapple and spice essence that was being released in the atmosphere. This experience drew us deeper into worship and adoration of God. During one of our soaking ministry events, a lady reported tasting strawberries in the soaking room.

I have not tasted spiritual food, but once during worship, I was blessed to experience the taste of fresh rain as a heavenly mist fell upon my tongue during worship. I have heard two testimonies, three counting mine from people who felt water on their skin, during a soaking time with us. Many people experience heat in their body, when the Lord is healing or ministering to them.

One time, in front of Ralphs grocery store, I met a lady who was collecting carts. She had a back injury so I prayed for her. Her back got really hot and it scared her. She actually ran away from me during my prayer! She came back a few minutes later, to tell me that her back got healed! The audible voice of God is rare, but it does happen.

One early morning, while dreaming that I was walking in the garden with the Lord, I was abruptly, awakened by the audible voice of God, when he called out my first name. I have been blessed to see in the spirit the human slumbering spirit. The visual I saw of ones sleeping spirit, was a picture of very large eyes, positioned over the stomach area. The dull eyes are sealed shut with sleep matter.

Through prayer, the eyes slowly awakened, as if from a long deep sleep. The large, round eyes, have long sweeping lashes, and hold expressions of innocence, awe and enlightenment. The eyes look around in wonder, as the newly awakened human spirit, connects to the Holy Spirit in a new and deeper way.

This awakening happens when Jesus shines his light in the heart of man. When a person receives Christ, everything becomes new, colorful and alive!


But far too often, after time, some Christians begin to slip into spiritual apathy and slumber. When this happens a spiritual awakening, baptism in the spirit or a fresh encounter with God is needed as a means to go deeper with God. Often we are ruled by our soul; What we think, what we feel and what we want. We can beseech God to evoke and enlarge our spirits, so we can know and seek what God thinks, what God feels and what God wants. My prayer for you, is for your eyes to be full of light, and your spirit to be awakened to God, that you might connect intimately with Him using all 15 senses.

Ephesians 1: I keep asking that the God of our Lord Jesus Christ, the glorious father, may give you the spirit of wisdom and revelation, so that you may know him better. I pray that the eyes of your heart may be enlightened in order that you may know the hope to which he has called you, the riches of his glorious inheritance in his holy people, and his incomparably great power for us who believe. God wants you to be fully engaged and connected to him. Fully alive, Full of light, Full of wisdom, and Fully awakened to Christ. And we must be clean of it. If we are soiled in the sin of the world when Jesus returns, then we won't share in eternal life with Him.

So we must live a radically different lifestyle, a lifestyle of true holiness. Sin is everywhere. It's as if we are in pure robes, walking across a muddy field. And we must be ever so careful to avoid being soiled by the world. We have our defenses up, and those defenses are fortified and strengthened by the Holy Spirit. We are able to resist temptations of all kinds in the power of Christ.

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And we are being sanctified in so many ways, so that our minds become foreign to the world. And the things of the world no longer interest us. And thus temptation comes, and finds an environment foreign to it's nature. And it cannot prosper. Our minds, hearts, souls, and all our strength is fortified by God, as we seek Him and study His word. This takes practice, and a daily lifestyle of repentance. And of peace, and love, and longsuffering. This is not easy. It's not supposed to be easy. If someone told you it would be prosperity and wealth, they lied to you. This is a hard journey.

And God sees all things. If we live a double life, acting one way in public and another in private, God sees.

Hearing God | The Awakening Institute for Spiritual Formation

And he will hold us accountable. Sometimes I see how people are living and I wonder at it: Don't they realize, don't they understand, don't they know that one day they will be face to face with Jesus himself? And when I'm thinking of this, I'm thinking of pastors. And they don't care, it seems. Don't they think God is real? Then why be a pastor? And if they do believe God is real, don't they realize that they will be judged, and condemned, if they don't repent of watching pornography, of affairs on their husbands or wives, and other sins of the flesh?

Maybe it seems far away or less than real. But it is quite real.

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It will be a real experience. We'll live through the judgment, moment by moment, and we'll be conscious in eternity, day by day, forever, wherever we spend it. Yet we choose filthy little sins in this life, and give up eternal glory? Yes, we do. And let me tell you, and myself something: A few months ago, I was doing the same thing.

With a little sin I liked to engage in. And I realized the realities of heaven and hell, but I comforted myself that God wouldn't send me to hell, I'm special, God won't punish me, or look on my sins, His grace is too much for that. But we're called to repent. And so I was just playing games. Sinning, repenting, sinning repenting. And it's amazing how I could lie to myself. It steals in through a look, a swift, silent suggestion or imagination, but love and loyalty to Jesus will make you watchful and swift to rise up and cast out the subtle enemy.

Do this and you shall live, and live victoriously. Once again we come back to it: The grace of God comes in and saves me from yet another sin that entangles and enslaves my eternal soul. It's such a dangerous situation and we come at these sins and struggles with only weakness. Yet in weakness God brings great strength, and sin is overcome and holiness becomes a lifestyle, a lifestyle of lowly service, of love, and of thinking of others greater than ourselves.

It's beautiful and emotionally shocking in beautiful ways. The trials are great. There is no questioning that. It's so painful at times. Sometimes I end the day and I lay down in bed and feel like my soul was a punching bag that whole day, for people and their problems. And often because of my own failings.

But the pain is real. The ache of the soul is so real. Sometimes we need the pain, and the struggle, and the sorrow, and the difficulty that won't end, and the broken part of you that won't heal. It drives us toward God, closer and closer to him. We struggle with that. But the truth is that without the pain, and the strife, and the struggle, we would probably never return to God. We'd become prideful, and we wouldn't return to the shepherd. We'd hike off on our own, and come to ruin.

But we do return, because of much sorrow. And we are wounded soldiers, wounded healers going into the field. I suppose to the world that seems like great weakness.

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In my mind it feels like great weakness. In fact, honestly it is weakness. It's complete vulnerability and weakness. And then you'll be amazed by how God takes that total weakness, and it explodes into victory. But I don't want to phrase it in a way that God makes it 'possible. But more so God does it himself, through our obedience. God declares victory and it becomes true. Gideon's army didn't need , to overcome the enemy.

He only needed But let's be real, God could've done it with 3. What's interesting is that when God's angel first communicated to Gideon, he found him in total weakness. He was hiding, trying to reap his crops in a cellar. And God called him what he wasn't yet, but would soon become: "Hail mighty warrior of God!

God delights to work through people who are truly yielded to him. So we must truly yield ourselves to him. Gideon had hidden faith within him, a radical faith that was daring to say: I can't see how Lord, but I believe you will do the impossible. So how can we grow in our faith? It's simple, but requires a daily method of life. It requires self-discipline, a God-ordered life. The ways to do it haven't changed. Pray everyday, 30 min-2 hours a day. Set a goal, do it.

God sees your heart, and He knows the truth. Fast and pray from two or three meals a day, once or twice a week. Or more. And read the Bible each day, chapters a day. Practice silence and solitude. These practices haven't changed in two thousand years. It's just hard to do it. But, just do it.

And if you can't, because most of us can't, then ask God. Go down on your knees before God and ask Him simply saying: "Lord, help me to read my Bible.