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The attraction between the two men is immediate. But back at Michael's apartment, Will is sent into a tailspin of shame and confusion. Lorenzo is a quiet teenager who lives with his parents and his younger brother in small city in the Argentinean Patagonia. In , when the push to decriminalise homosexuality has stalled, a group of activists decide they must make one final attempt to celebrate who they are. Led by former union boss, Lance During a heat-wave in Brighton, a mysterious drifter comes between a rich brother and sister.

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Set against the background of a broken U. When tragedy strikes and Diego's immigration status is A closeted young man goes home for the holidays and struggles to reveal his dire circumstances to his conservative family. A new romantic comedy feature film that brings together three interrelated tales of gay men seeking family, love and sex during the holiday season. Peter Wildeblood's affair with a handsome serviceman he met in Piccadilly during the time homosexuality was a crime and the devastating consequences of their relationship.

The adolescent Milan discovers his own suspected homosexuality at the age of 17 and the consequences for him and his family but also the liberation as he understands why he has been so down and rebellious. Worn out from his life in New York, Ben returns home to take care of his dying mother only to rediscover the reason he left and to find out that he left a few broken hearts in this wake.

We all know love comes in many different ways: family love, loving someone, self-love, loving moments of life and even learning to love life the way it is. This movie gathers all of this and showcases them in a little monotonous, but still eye-catching, way. Visit Prime Video to explore more titles. Find showtimes, watch trailers, browse photos, track your Watchlist and rate your favorite movies and TV shows on your phone or tablet!

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After All These Years

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After All These Years

Director: Jeff Swafford. Writer: Jeff Swafford. Stars: James J. GAY Films I want to see. Gay Themed Movies Seen.

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Use the HTML below. In Jo's mind, a valid explanation would be that her birth mother was a despondent, struggling woman, living paycheck to paycheck, wondering how she will make ends meet. But Vicki works for the mayor, has a loving husband and wonderful kids, and had a seemingly idyllic upbringing. So what led her to leave an innocent child at a fire station all those years ago? An act that, for Jo, was the inciting incident to years of being shuffled around terrible foster homes, birthdays spent alone, nights sleeping in cars, and ending up in a relationship with an abusive husband.

What we learn is that Vicki has been through her own trauma: she was raped in college by a teaching assistant, who later died in a motorcycle accident. Jo, then, is a product of sexual assault, the trauma of which was too much for Vicki to handle at the time, so she gave baby Jo up. While this revelation doesn't entirely satisfy all of Jo's pent up ire at her abandonment, it does slightly level the playing field between the two women. So much so that Jo admits to Vicki "I was seven weeks when my ex-husband cracked my ribs and threw me across the living room floor.

He didn't know I was pregnant and I decided in that moment that he can never know. She was doing what she thought was right, the best should could given the circumstances. Vicki, similarly, tells Jo that when it comes to what she did to Jo, she was also doing the best she could — and she still is. And for now, we're left to wonder where, if anywhere, this new connection could take these two women. What Jo is going through with her birth mother has a direct correlation to what she goes through back at work. A visibly injured woman named Abby is wandering through GSMH dazed, confused, and with a nasty cut on her face that she claims came from a run-in with her kitchen cabinet.

Abby bumps into Jo, who's back from her visit to Philadelphia, and she offers to assist Abby to the ER. After a quick examination, Jo realizes that Abby's trepidation at the sight of men and her bruised abdominal area weren't caused by a kitchen cabinet. Jo suspects Abby is the victim of abuse. Jo asks Teddy to consult on Abby's injuries, and as Teddy, Jo, and Dahlia proceed with a full examination, the sight of all of Abby's bruises and lacerations is almost too much for Dahlia to take.

Understandably so — it turns out Abby's injuries extend beyond physical abuse. So even though Teddy tells Abby she needs surgery to fix a tear in her diaphragm, both Jo and Teddy know they can't proceed with surgery just yet. Abby's wounds are consistent with sexual assault, and sterilization and surgery would mean losing all evidence against the perpetrator — who, it turns out, is not Abby's husband, as he's been away on business in Portland.

Abby, though, isn't ready to admit what she's been through. She just wants to do the surgery and move on. Jo — an assault survivor herself — won't stand for it, and, despite Teddy's protests, she breaks protocol and tries to convince Abby to do a rape kit, even if it means storing the evidence away for whenever Abby is ready to confront this whole traumatic ordeal.

But Abby's reasoning for turning down the rape kit is straightforward and, sadly, based in truths many women are aware of: Why go through the uneasiness of someone touching, swabbing, and photographing your most intimate areas, only for the results to collect dust in an evidence room while the perpetrator remains free — and the victim sits around wondering how 12 jurors will assess the validity of her trauma? Well, what was she wearing when it happened? How many drinks did she have?

Did she agree to go home with him? As Abby relates her own story of going out for a few drinks after she and her husband got in a fight and subsequently meeting the man who would assault her, we're reminded that these are the questions that are asked too often by people who forget the only statement that matters: "They said NO. Because Jo doesn't want Abby to live with any regrets in the future, she relates her own story of surviving her abusive ex husband, and it convinces Abby to finally do the kit.

For anyone who doesn't know how this works, at every step of a rape kit examination, a verbal "Yes" is needed for the doctors to do their work. Watching it happen on screen isn't easy, but it is a reality — one that sheds even more light on how deep the anguish of sexual assault can go. It's finally time for surgery, but Abby suddenly becomes terrified to leave her hospital room and head to the ER. Her assailant's face is everywhere — when she closes her eyes, when she sees other male doctors, just everywhere. So, in order for her to make it to the ER without having to relive her rape experience, Jo calls on all the ladies of GSMH to stand together, shoulder to shoulder, along the hallways leading to surgery.

It's a moment that not only shows full support for Abby, but for all victims who may feel they have no one else. It's a tearful moment, and also one of the most impactful television moments we've seen in a long time. My daughter asked why they are lining up and covering her.

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I said: They recognize her pain and her needs, they are not covering her but embracing and protecting her. They are not lining up but standing up for HER, for themselves and for all women. It's what we do. Thank you camilluddington for your portrayal in this episode. It is an I have survived it.