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They are the most important information in the application because they represent direct evidence of how IQOS affects people who use them. They show that there is no statistically detectable difference between IQOS and conventional cigarettes in these medical tests in the Americans Philip Morris studied. Like all medical tests, there is uncertainty in the results.

For 23 of the medical tests, the margin of error in the tests to discern the difference between IQOS and conventional cigarettes included a zero i. Moreover, when using the conventional 95 percent confidence standard, one would expect 5 percent of the tests to yield false positives or 1 out of 24 tests. That is exactly what Philip Morris reported. And there is already independent evidence that IQOS compromises functioning of arteries , a key risk factor for heart disease and heart attacks, as badly as a cigarette.

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A contemporary Robinsonade — York, York. The polar oceans and global climate — Milton Keynes, Buckinghamshire. Edition: Available editions United Kingdom. Minji Kim, Ph. A man smokes an IQOS. Indeed the idea that giving nicotine to a nicotine addict can possibly help them break their nicotine addiction is transparently absurd. Of course a majority of users revert to smoking quickly, continue to smoke and use NRT, or remain hooked on NRT long term.

Yet this is Government policy.

Since we are talking about public money, it is important to realize how easily figures can fluctuate depending on what you are measuring. But how many people do you know who have stopped smoking for four weeks and then started again? If you want the picture at 12 months, a meta-analysis published in the journal Tobacco Control , which is part of the BMJ Publishing Group, showed that only three in every ten people who have stopped at four weeks will still have stopped at 12 months.

This has hugely important implications for the cost per quitter. ASH claims that its success rate after one year is If the smoker does not quit for at least three months, they can reclaim the fee in full. In fact it simply prolongs it. If that is the rationale, then policymakers should at least be honest with smokers and admit that NRT will not help them get free but is simply a damage limitation exercise. At our clinics we regularly get addicts who have stopped smoking but are still addicted years later to nicotine via NRT.

Our method involves no drugs and is completely risk-free with no side-effects. The worst that can happen to a smoker attending one of our clinics is that they fail to quit, in which case their fee is refunded in full. Nicotine carries its own risks.

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Its role in making cancers more aggressive, for example, is now so established that the mechanisms by which it encourages tumour growth are being investigated by researchers looking for new anti-cancer drugs. These risks.

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